The Shroud Of Night

When Darkness Falls On Rome

The Game


The Game Begins

The modern day Rome is a barren chessboard for the Kindred. It is riddled with traps, deceit, lies, political foes, corruption, and stained with the blood of the past. Kindred today seem to flock to Rome in much the manner of tourists. They come to watch and learn, but never intend to stay long; taking back with them only memories of this once great city. The rumors have it that ancients still live in Rome, pulling their strings to make the higher generation puppets dance. Not wanting to stay long enough to become pawns in a never ending game that has spanned a millennia, they only visit... coming and going, garnering information from the past, much like the tourists they hide among.

The Camarilla

The Archbishop of Rome (The Prince) who has ruled for the past two hundred years was slain and the Elysium of the Camarilla burnt to the ground. With no leads or suspects the Camarilla tried to procure a new Archbishop but failed. Wars of domination broke out among them, few were willing to take the position fearing that they would become mindless drones for the unseen rulers. Though that alone was a theory as well with no real proof. Turning to the aid of an old ally who, though neutral in everything, has agreed to aid them in finding the right person to take the position as the Archbishop of Rome.

The Independents

This Sect of loners, misfits, non-conformists, and all around rogues are the only sect that has had someone in Rome continually throughout the changing times. Perhaps they have no fear of the Ancients, or maybe they even have insight into the truth. However they go about making decisions this group is full of movers and shakers, most of them coming and going... but always with someone watching over Rome's Camarilla and Sabbat. Neutral by nature they keep the balance in what seems like a never ending game of Cainite Chess.


The Sabbat

These black sheep have strayed from the herd, but found strength in conquering their inner wolf. They hide among the true flock, keeping the identity of the pack within the pack so that when the time comes they can flush out the weak and reform a new herd. Their abstract views on life, or unlife as it were, have led them to Rome. With the Camarilla at its weakest, they have the opportunity to rebuild what was lost, reconstructing it so that no longer are the wolves allowed to dress as the flock; but instead are allowed to show the true threat that they are. This is done with the hopes that it will entice the shepard to denounce the weakness of the sheep and instead lead the pack.