The Shroud Of Night

When Darkness Falls On Rome

Rules Of The Chronicle

Basic Rules Of Role Play

~ Do not be so arrogant as to ignore the fact that you too were once a "newb/noob." Never return to that state of mind and mentality.

~ The point of role playing, is to role play. Be committed to this ideal. It is evidence that you are apart of this SL that you actively role play in it. Do not become a person who joins an SL and disappears.

~ As a human being understand sex and the fun of mixing it in role play. However, not every single character you create should be a slut. Whores and the like are able to have lives primarily out of sex and will not further the SL or gain you more FPs.

~ The point of role playing is to grow, to experience true character development is to role play even when the SL is growing steadily boring. So as a genuine role player, please do your part to help the SL fix itself instead of deciding to leave first or causing unneeded IC or OOC drama.

~ To complain about things that are wrong with the SL and to do nothing to help in terms of physically trying to fix it, is the sign of a hypocrite.

~ Understand and happily realize, that you don't need any of the moderators online to actively role play with others in the chat room. IMs are an obvious given.

~ To cross in role play, including fights, is a pointless sin. You will be caught, and you will be dealt with accordingly. Three strikes and you are out.

~ Have the maturity to see a character that you have poured all your effort into, die, when there is nothing you can logically do IC to stop it. Not every battle is won. And that is the cost of real character development. Besides you can always make a new character and develop that one.

 ~ Have the ability to role play with other characters in the SL when logical IC. The IC world isn't made up of invisible people, there is always someone to role play with, even if they aren't your favorite IC or OoC.

~ Only ST's may NPC certain characters. i.e. Guards, Police, Reporters, Elysium Security. In certain special cases some players may be allowed to role play NPC's when necessary. i.e. When ST's are not available or permission is given; such as a players right to NPC their character's ghouls.

~ If a player that is NPCing any police, guards, reporters, or so forth... shows any kind of biased, or unjust action then they will be subject to evaluation of the scene by the ST's. It is possible that a scene may be nullified, or done over if this occurs. In more serious cases (repetitive offenses) the person will be put on a probationary period. Length of which is subject to MST/ST discretion.

~ All scenes must be logged and summarized in order for you to recieve any amount of Free Points (FPs). A sample of the template we wish for you to use for making summaries will be provided on the forum. The link to the forum will be located on the page titled 'OOC'. (Scenes that all participating players each send in thier individual logs and summaries for will recieve a team work bonus on their FPs when tallied up.)

~ Summaries should be expression of your characters personal view point. Creatively written summaries that display this will be awarded a bonus to their FPs.


Special Commentary:
We realize that sexual role play is/can be a very big part of any vampire story line. However if you feel that you do not wish to disclose that information an accepted substitute can be provided. Simply edit the material so that in place of the sexual scene the log will read...  "Such and such fed from such and such while doing the vampire hanky panky," or however you deem necessary if you wish to keep that part of your role play private. Any summaries that you send in will NOT go past the board of ST's.
*****This is an adult role play chronicle and as such, players are expected to be of legal age and understand that all material written or read is fictional. We will not be held responsible if you the player lie about your age or provide false information.*****