The Shroud Of Night

When Darkness Falls On Rome

It is present day Rome, the city bustles with tourists at an alarming rate both by day and by night. By day they seek out the famous Coliseum, the never changing architecture of the remains of Ancient Rome, local shopping, tourist attractions, and historical points of interest. At night their interest turns to the local night life, clubs, fine dining, shows, reenactments, and the beautifully lit-up cityscape of Rome.
But danger has fallen upon the ancient city and all are at its mercy. Vampires walk among the streets at night, blending in with their mortal sheep like wolves cloaked in wool. The slaughter must be contained or they will face a breach in the Masquerade. The Sabbat have begun to organize themselves, though they are far from a well oiled machine... they are becoming more comfortable and even more deadly with their lack of concern for any that stand in their way. Ground breaking successes in various fields have allowed their strength and recklessness to grow by leaps and bounds. Thus putting a strain on the Camarilla to try and contain any breaches of the Masquerade that they may cause.
It is a tough time for all, but most of all for the mortals. Those of whom at any turn could find themselves caught in the reckless game of the Sabbat while the Camarilla remain the staunch clean-up crew for disasters waiting to happen. It is any ones guess what will happen next in a city with no boundaries, and a history of betrayal. But one thing is certain...
No one is safe during The Shroud Of Night.

*The Shroud Of Night is a Vampire the Masquerade online role playing game for AOL users. It is a fictional game, none of the characters are real. Though the images used on this site to portray them are of real people.*

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