The Shroud Of Night

When Darkness Falls On Rome

F.A.Q's For Creating A Character

Q.) Why are there rules for creating characters?
A.) There are a few rules we have come up with to help make the Story Line a fair environment for all players. Please take these to heart when making your character, they will help make the process a little simpler for everyone involved.
Q.) How many Characters may I have in the chronicle?
A.) Players may have up to 3 characters in the chronicle. One character is allowed to be between 8th Generation and 10th Generation. More than one character is allowed to be between 11th Generation and 13th Generation. More than one character is allowed to be either a Ghoul or a Mortal.
Q.) Are there any limits on my characters type or generation?
A.) Player Characters (PC's) may be 8th Generation or higher. There are limited spots on 8th Generation - 10th Generation characters (meaning only one per generation/per clan). The spots are on a first come/ first serve basis.
Q.) Are there any exceptions to those limits?
A.) Exceptions: If for some reason your character manages to diablerize a character of lower generation (8th-10th) and that your particular clan already has a character of that generation... you will be allowed to keep your status as the rule will no longer apply to you for that particular character and situation. You will have earned it after your hard work to get that status. Though this is only for that character and not your others.
The same goes for Mortals that are turned. If you already have say a 9th Generation character but you also play a mortal. If that mortal is turned by an 8th Generation character... then your mortal will also be 9th Generation and the rule will no longer apply for that particular character. This has to be done through role play, and keep in mind that the change does not always occur. If the role play of the turning a mortal is done well a bonus will be awarded to the percentile roll which determines the success of the change or the death of the mortal. Typically change is given a 10% chance of success, not including the bonuses awarded by creative role play.
Q.) What clans are playable?
A.)Playable Clans Include: Assamite, Brujah, Gangrel, Lasombra, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Tremere, Tzmisice, and Ventrue.
Q.) Are there any other clans that I may be able to play?
A.) Playable Clans (By MST permission only) Include Cappadocian, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Malkavian, Salubri, and True Brujah.
Q.) Are there any clans that are restricted or banned?
A.) Restricted/Banned Clans  Any not listed are restricted or banned unless the player can give a suitable back story and secure reason for being in the Story Line.
*There are a few that will not be PCed under any circumstance such as... Baali, Faeries, Garou, Magi, and Wraiths.
Q.) What age can I be?
A.) No child characters will be allowed. Period. All characters must be over the legal age of 18.
Q.) What are the base stats for Character Creation?
A.) Base Stats for Character Creation
Mortal Stats
Attributes: 5/4/3
Abilities: 11/7/4   (+3 specialties)
Background: 5
Disciplines: 0
Virtues: 7
Merits/Flaws: Subject to ST approval
Freebies: 10
Ghoul Stats:
Attributes: 5/4/3
Abilities: 11/7/4   (+4 specialties)
Backgrounds: 5
Disciplines: 1 Potence;  2 Dominator Disc.
Virtues: 7
Merits/Flaws: Subject to ST approval
Freebies: 10
Neonate Stats:
Attributes: 7/5/3
Abilities: 13/9/5
Disciplines: 3
Backgrounds: 5
Virtues: 7
Freeibes: 15

Attributes: 8/6/4
Abilities: 15/10/6
Disciplines: 7
Backgrounds: 8
Virtues: 7
Freeibes: 15

Attributes: 10/7/5
Abilities: 20/12/8
Disciplines: 10
Backgrounds: 15
Virtues: 7
Freeibes: 20
Q.) What if I need help or have questions making my character?
A.) Any questions may be directed to any ST.