The Shroud Of Night

When Darkness Falls On Rome

Character Sheet Template


If you need information on the starting stats for characters. Please refer to the F.A.Q. page or the OOC page where you can find links to the Core Rule Book and forum.

( Note: All players must sign up on the forum, so that they can see and adjust thier own character sheets as the story progresses. This also assures you and every other player that no one is cheating by stacking points, as all ST's have access to every character sheet.)

Below is the template that we wish for you to use when submitting a character sheet. This will be your application to play in our chronicle. Please note: Failure to submit a character sheet in the correct format will cause a delayed entry.

IC Name?

The Shroud Of Night        

Vampire: The Masquerade 3rd Ed.


Char Name:  
Chronicle:  TSON
Demeanor:   ( VtM 3ed Core book pg 104 )


Clan Flaw:

Further Character Info
Eye Color:  
Hair Color:  
Date of Birth:  
Date of Embrace:  
Apparent Age:  
Date Started:  

( PLEASE do not use COLOR... These will be copy pasted and as a result the color erases.  All notations and update, please use text.  Also please use numbers instead of zeros ( 0 ) for dots. )

( Initiative = Dexterity 3 + Wits 4 + 1d10 )
Attributes  ( VtM 3ed pg 115 )  
<Neo 7-5-3>  FPx5 ~ XPx4

Physical                          Social                       Mental        
Strength: 1                  Charisma: 1                     Perception: 1
Dexterity: 1                 Manipulation: 1                 Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 1                   Appearance: 1?                Wits: 1

Attribute Specialties:  (Any stat 4 or 5)

Ablilities ( VtM 3ed pg 119 )
<Neo 13-9-5>    FPx2 ~ XPx2 existing ~ XPx3 new

Talents                           Skills                  Knowledge
Alertness:                   Animal Ken:                Academics:  
Athletics:                    Crafts:                        Computer:  
Brawl:                        Drive:                         Finance:  
Dodge:                       Etiquette:                    Investigation:        
Empathy:                    Firearms:                    Law:        
Expression:                 Melee:                        Linguistics:              
Intimidation:                Performance:              Medicine:  
Leadership:                  Security:                    Occult:  
Streetwise:                  Stealth:                      Politics:  
Subterfuge:                 Survival:                     Science:        

( Specific extra Languages? )


Secondary Abilites:


Backgrounds: <Neo 5>  FPx1     ( VtM 3ed pg 129 )    
**Note Sabbat Characters do not get Backgrounds on creation.

Age:  (note, Age can only be given by an MST. Double check with your city's)
Allies:  ~~~ Predisposed to doing you favors, Kindred?
Alternate Identity:  
Black Hand Status:  
Contacts: ~~~ Bribeable for information, Mortals?
Camarilla Status: ~~~ good standing with the Cam, known by Kindred?
Fame: ~~~ what Humans know you? how many?
Generation: ~~~ self explanitory... but needs permission
Herd: ~~~ Blood without needing to hunt
Influence: ~~~ Kine government. 1dot = city, 2 =state, etc
Mentor: ~~~ other Kindred, usually elders
Resources: ~~~  Money
Retainers: ~~~  Ghouls
Sabbat Status:

Merits: <0 of 7> ( pg 295 )  

Flaws: <0 of 7>

Derangements: <Optional>  ( pg 222 )


Disciplines: <Neo 3> ( VtM 3ed pg 146 )
FPx7 ~ XPx5 for Clan Disciplines ~ XPsx7 for others
Brand new Disciplines 10XP

( Please specify Clan or NonClan )


Virtues <Neo 7> ( pg 133 )
FPx2 ~ XPx2
Conscience:                  Humanity :

Self Control:                Willpower:


( Humanity ~ FPx1 ~  XPx2 )      
( WP ~ FPx1 ~ XPxCurrent Rating )

Conviction or Conscience
Self Control or Instinct
Conviction or Conscience + Self Control or Instinct = Road
Conviction or Conscience ---- Hierarchy of Sins
Courage --- Willpower
Courage ---- Rotschreck
Self Control or Instinct ---- Frenzy

Self Control ---- Only Roads that use Self Control may roll difficulty 8 to avoid euphoria blurring
---- effect of the Kiss, thereby giving them a chance to resist Diablerie


Blood Pool: ( VtM 3ed pg 138 )
X Gen = X BP = X BP per round




Damage Soak:
Dex Penalty:


( Be very detailed.  Multiple write ups are encouraged.  What your character does not start out with IC you will have to earn through RP.)


Experience Log